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Sewer & Drain

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Triplewall Pipe - Perforated & Solid

4 inch HDPE triplewall pipe for drainage and septic application. Rigid with smooth black interior and smooth white exterior walls.

TripleFlo is made from HDPE. The thermoplastic has excellent resistance to breaks, cracks, splits and impacts in cold weather.

Pipe stiffness greater than 30 psi (210 kPa).
Increased resistance to sunlight, heat and UV rays due to the white outer wall.

Perforations come standard 2-hole, 4 - 8 orientation.
3 hole perforations (4-6-8; 4-8-12) are available by order.

Pallet quantities available. 90 sticks per pallet.

Soil tight fittings - PVC SDR 35 fittings.

PVC Cement - medium body, fast setting

For PVC pipe through 6" diameter with interference fit, Sch. 40 through 4" diameter.

Provide bonding between PVC pipes and connections by means of cold welding.

Available in:
1/4 pint (4 fluid oz.)
1 pint (16 fluid oz.)

Product is easy to apply: There is no need of special tools; using a brush or the adhesive own applicator nozzle is enough.

Perfect water tightness. Cold welding procedure provides chemical reaction that bonds surfaces under contact, making then a sole material.

Application: Welding procedure of Brown Weldable lines for Cold Water, DWV (drain, waste, vent), electrical conduit, irrigation and sewer / drain applications.

PVC Primer

Primer is a solvent primer for priming PVC and CPVC plastic pipe and fittings. Tests have shown that greater long-term joint strength is obtained with the use of a primer.

Application: Primer is recommended for pressure applications. Additional applications include potable water, DWV (drain, waste, vent), conduit, irrigation and sewer systems.

Available in:
1/4 pint (4 fluid oz.)
1 quart (32 fluid oz.)

Product with high chemical resistance, developed for application of aggressive fluids as acids and bases. Easy to install, joints cold welded, without the need of sophisticated tools and equipment. Toluene free formula with low emission of solvents, contributing to environment preservation.

Attention: Do not use any type of calcium hypochlorite for water purification in drinking water system. Mixture of this material with Primer may result in chemical reaction that impair water use. Besides, we also recommend calcium is not stored nor used near Primer.